File A Claim

File A Claim

Claims process – Most insurance agents will not help in the event of a claim short of pointing you to the nearest phone. We are different. If you have a car accident or a potential liability or property loss let us be your guide and help you file the claim. While your adjuster will ultimately settle any claim we know our experience can be invaluable to you in a time of need. If you prefer to make the initial contact with the company yourself here are the phone numbers you will need.

The claims process may vary slightly from carrier to carrier, but in general you will:

Gather data you may need such as:

  • Policy number
  • Date, time, and location of the accident or loss
  • Contact and insurance information from potentially responsible party
  • Driver’s license and plate numbers of involved vehicles
  • Contact information of any witnesses
  • Police report if applicable

Call your agent or insurance company directly:

Your insurance company might require you to complete a sworn statement that details the events of the auto accident (i.e. weather conditions, time the incident occurred, etc.). Please note any injuries you notice and take photos of the damage.

Once you contact the insurance company, your case will go through these steps.

Case assignment to a professional adjustor at your company who will work on your claim.

Meeting with your claims professional to discuss your coverages and the situation.

Evaluation by your claims professional, which may include inspecting your home or car, examining evidence of any injury claims, and potentially obtaining estimates for repair.

Resolution of the case, including payments as appropriate.

You have the choice of who to use to repair you vehicle or home.  Oftentimes they will work from the estimate provided by the insurance adjustor and if they find further damage should work with the adjustor to make sure all work related to the loss is covered properly.

You should never admit fault or attempt to settle a claim without speaking to your insurance company.  You should attempt to prevent further loss according to your insurance policy. Keep records of any police reports, bills, and payments associated with your claim.

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